The Hope Group 

The Hope Group, LLC


What We Do

     The Hope Group, LLC was established in 2016 through the love and passion of three women who understand the unique needs of the chronically ill and other special needs children and their families.
     Children who are affected by rare disorders and diseases struggle with conditions which have negatively impact their physical and intellectual growth have a unique set of specific needs. Finding a caring and qualified provider for the services these children need can be a challenge to their families.
     The Hope Group, LLC has a mission to create a multi leveled approach of providing the support and services these special children need.  Working with the family, their doctors and the child, The Hope Group, LLC will tailor a program of therapy, information and support to ensure maximum potential is reachable.

Helping Families with Special Needs Find Unique & Specialized Care 

​​The Hope Group, LLC exist to make the lives of families with special needs children a bit easier by providing services, support and education through one of our many divisions. The Hope Group provides:

Hope Harbor Therapies

Out-Patient, In Home

* Speech & Language Therapy

* Physical Therapy

* Occupational Therapy

* Behavioral Therapy

Made By Hope

*Homemade products by youth of Volusia County.

*Profits go to assist families with the high costs of providing therapy services to their special needs children.


* Full time and/or part time teachers available

    through the Gardner Scholarship Partnership.

 * Virtual Speech Therapy available through our

    Gardner Scholarship Partnership.

  * Occupational Therapy available through our

    Gardner Scholarship Partnership

 * Tutoring available for all subjects through self